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About Us

S&S Salvage is a locally owned & operated scrap recycling center.  S&S is located in the heart of Orange Park, Florida (just south of Jacksonville) and serves internationally as a contributor to the recycling of non-ferrous metals & automotive parts.


We have been in business for twenty-six years & strive to treat each and every customer honestly, and with respect.  Our staff offers years of industry experience and expertise to ensure that our business runs at optimal efficiency, with environmental stewardship and customer relations as top priorities.


We pay fair & competitive prices based on market conditions, & also offer quantity pricing.  All material is weighed on our state certified scales, with weights easily visible to the customer & our staff.


S&S Salvage is committed to environmental sustainability - we recognize the importance of protecting our planet’s natural resources.  Recycling reduces the need for mining, lowers production costs for metal manufacturers and helps deliver quality metal products throughout the world.  We are proud to be a part of the recycling industry.


Our material is sold across the nation & around the globe - for buying information please send us a message via our Contact Page.

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